The Vatican Museums represent the largest art collection in Europe with over 65.000 masterpieces. 
– The Pio Clementino halls – The Candelabra Gallery with frescos and statues – The Tapestry Gallery dating back to 
the XVI and XVII century – The Historical Maps, work of Ignazio Danti - The Sistine Chapel built in XV century 
by Pope Sixtus and adorned by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Perugino and Ghirlandaio.(Visit)The Bernini Starcaise of the XVI century 
- St.Peter's Basilica the largest Church all over the world. Here you’ll admire "The Pietà" Michelangelo’s masterpiece carveda 
when he was only 24 years old.(Visit) 
On Wednesday due to the Papal Audience the Basilica will be visited only from outside.

         The Vatican Museum                                                          The Sistine Chapel                                                       St. Peter's Basilica


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